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An Insight Into Your Experience with Us

Chiropractor at Work

What to expect on your first visit

Each initial assessment will take 30-60 minutes in duration depending on cases, and will consist of a history, physical examination, a report of findings with a diagnosis, and a treatment if there is time left. The chiropractor will begin by asking you a set of questions to get to know you, your health and your current complaints. The chiropractor will then put you through a set of ranges of motion, orthopaedic tests and a neurological exam, all to determine the cause of your pain. The chiropractor will communicate to you what they have found and their diagnosis, plan of management and prognosis for the condition. Lastly, they will begin their plan of management with a treatment, that may consist of an adjustment, some manual muscle work, acupuncture, or a combination of those.

For your first visit it would be preferable that the patient wears clothes that allows the problem area to be clearly examined.  Also to save time in the clinic, the patient can fill out the initial intake forms found at the bottom of this page.  In the case where those are not filled out before the appointment,  it is recommended that the patient arrives 15 minutes early to fill those out.  If the patient has any prior imaging studies (X-ray, MRI, CT, etc.) they are encouraged to bring them in along with any other diagnostic test results.

IMPORTANT:  At this moment there is a waitlist for New Patients in Kapuskasing.  Please contact the office to be added to the list.  Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working hard to go through that list as fast as possible.

Doctor Checking a Form


Our initial intake forms are available in English and French.
Our forms will be sent out by email when the initial appointment is booked.  If you would like a copy or a French version of the forms please contact us to let us know!

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